Waterfalls on the byway

A geographic pinnacle of the Finger Lakes, waterfalls are abundant throughout the region, with plenty to explore as you make your way up and down the Byway.  Here are some of the most accessible waterfalls, though we encourage you to explore and find your own hidden wonders!



Hector Falls is a beautiful and gigantic waterfall that tumbles over a broad expanse of shale and limestone rock as it makes its way down to Seneca Lake. Only the upper third (about 50 ft of length) is visible from the Rt 414 roadside or the creek bed. The lower portions are on private property and only visible to the public from watercraft. Seeing the massive cascade in its complete form, is worth renting a boat or joining a tour.

Source: http://nyfalls.com/waterfalls/hector-falls/


Located less than two miles from Watkins Glen, Excelsior Glen has many of the same physical and historic characteristics as its more popular neighbor. Composed mostly of shale and limestone, Glen Excelsior (as it was called in the 19th century) has sparkling cascades, breathtaking chutes and refreshing plunge pools to explore in its relatively short length.

Source: http://nyfalls.com/waterfalls/excelsior-glen/