About Seneca Lake

Seneca Lake is the largest of the Finger Lakes, located in the heart of Upstate New York.  The lake is 38 miles long, and three miles wide at its widest point, with a total surface area just under 67 square miles.  Seneca Lake has the largest volume of all of the Finger Lakes thanks to the lake's impressive depth, measured at 618 feet.  At the north end of the lake sits the city of Geneva, while the south end of the lake is home to Watkins Glen.  With over 75 miles of shoreline, Seneca Lake has become a desired tourist destination for all sorts of recreation, as well as the burgeoning wine industry that has recently found itself shining on the world stage.

Major annual events

Seneca Lake plays host to a number of annual events, attended my millions of visitors each year.

Seneca 7 team foot race (April)
National Lake Trout Derby (May)
Finger Lakes Wine Fest (July)
NASCAR at Watkins Glen International (August)
Phish festivals (August, not held every year)
Pickin' in the Pasture Bluegrass Festival (August)
United States Vintage Grand Prix (September)
Seneca Lake Wine Trail events (year-round)

Stewards of the Lake

Many organizations call the lake home and help to protect and promote its natural wonder.

Finger Lakes Wine Country
Seneca Lake Wine Trail
Finger Lakes Land Trust

General Intrigue

Seneca Lake is home to unexplained phenomenon, such as the "Lake Drums" or "Seneca Guns," which are cannon-like booms heard and felt around the lake.